First Open Science event by PMI Science

Our first Open Science event was held June 15th, 2020. It was organized in part because our scientists had planned to present several posters at the Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN), but due to the need for social distancing, the conference moved online and the poster sessions were canceled. We felt that it was important to find a way to share the posters we had already prepared with the scientific community, and so our Open Science series was born.

Dr. Gizelle Baker, Director Global Scientific Engagement, lead the webinar and introduced five presentations that were pre-recorded by our scientists specifically for this event. After the presentations, Dr. Baker and other scientists answered questions live from the audience. In total, the one-hour webinar was hosted three times to accommodate multiple time zones. Over 1,000 participants registered for the event from 50 countries.

Dr. Christelle Haziza  
Dr. Karina Fischer  
Dr. Angela van der Plas  
Dr. Marija Bosilkovska  
Dr. Loyse Felber Medlin  

Because we could not get to all the questions in the Q&A, we'll publish a document with answers to the questions soon.

Although we hosted our own poster session, our Vice President Strategic and Scientific Communications Dr. Moira Gilchrist also presented at GFN, providing an overview of our research program and highlighting independent research on our leading heated tobacco product. You can learn more about her presentation and find references for the information Dr. Gilchrist discussed at GFN.



Browse the posters

Choose one of the links below to read summaries of the five posters presented by our scientists, to watch the videos of their presentations, or to read through the posters yourself.




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