This booklet condenses the information on our website into a convenient printable format. While it's not the first official debut of the PMIScience Booklet, this is the first time we've published it online, making it easier to share with fellow scientists regulators, and others interested in learning about our key results.

In less than 50 pages, you can read about our rationale for developing new smoke-free products, explore our four platforms, and see how our step-by-step assessment program works. This booklet puts the spotlight on Platform 1, the most advanced of our smoke-free products.

Flip through our key findings on Platform 1 from each step of the assessment program, spanning from Platform Development through Long-term Assessment. There is also a two-page infographic, rich with statistics, like how many scientists and engineers are working on our products, how many patents we're filed, how many papers we've published, and more.

Open the booklet online:

PMIScience booklet cover