The Scientific Update is a regular publication on PMI's research efforts to develop and assess a range of potentially reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes.

PMI Scientific Update Dec 2019

The 8th issue of the Scientific Update focuses on all things nicotine. Nicotine is addictive and not risk-free, but it is not the primary cause of smoking related diseases. But what is nicotine? What makes nicotine addictive? And what are nicotine's effects in the body? All these topics, as well as the role of nicotine in our own research, are discusses in this December issue of the Scientific Update.


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PMI Scientific Update Mar 2019

This issue of the Scientific Update provides an overview of our Systems Toxicology program, describing the program in the words of Dr. Julia Hoeng. Read this issue to learn how we employ some of the most advanced techniques available in the field of toxicology.


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PMI Scientific Update Dec 2018

This issue of the Scientific Update reviews key milestones from this fall, featuring the results of our latest completed clinical trial - the Exposure Response Study on Platform 1. Read this issue to learn how this study lends further support to the conclusion that switching completely to Platform 1 presents less risk of harm than continuing to smoke.


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PMI Scientific Update June 2018

This issue of the Scientific Update focuses not on advancements in our own research, but on another important milestone: growing independent research on our smoke-free products. The research covered in this issue highlights independent publications on Platform 1, including four recent government reports and more than a dozen peer-reviewed independent studies from around the world.



PMI Scientific Update Dec 2017

"Director Medical Affairs Dr. Patrick Picavet describes specific examples from PMI’s clinical program that highlight the company’s commitment to the implementation of best practices, transparent research and the well-being of clinical trial participants."

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PMI Scientific Update Nov 2017

"PMI established its multi-step assessment program applying internationally accepted scientific and quality standards along the same principles as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) draft guidance (2012). The feature article outlines each step of the assessment program and summarizes key results of supporting data. Included is an overview of the more than 30 EHTP-related studies. PMI submitted this evidence to the FDA in the form of a modified risk tobacco product (MRTP) application."


PMI Scientific Update May 2017


"Technology and innovation can improve user experience and continuously enhance a product’s potential to present less risk of harm than smoking. The focus of the issue details the product design and manufacturing behind MESH, the new generation of e-vapor technology PMI is currently test marketing in Birmingham (UK)."

Reduced-Risk Product Scientific Update Sept 2016


“We are making significant efforts to develop and scientifically assess innovative products that generate a vapor in which harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke are significantly reduced or eliminated, while the taste, sensory experience and ritual characteristics of smoking are preserved as much as possible. Along with many public health experts, we believe innovative products backed up by solid science can play an important role to reduce the harm of smoking. Sharing our methodologies and findings allows feedback and review from external experts and regulators and can encourage further research in the field.”  -- Prof. Manuel Peitsch

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