Consumer Reported Outcome Measures in Tobacco and Nicotine Research (CROM Symposium 2020)

      Dec 10, 2020 - Dec 10, 2020.
      Dec 10, 2020 - Dec 10, 2020
      This symposium, is hosted by a newly formed inter-industry consortium ‘the CROM Task force’ within the framework of CORESTA. CORESTA stands for Cooperation Center for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco. The consortium aims at establishing best practices and guidelines for the integration of consumer-reported outcome measures (CROM) in tobacco regulatory research.   The consortium’s first symposium will provide a forum to engage various stakeholders and including tobacco industry, academic researchers, and public health community. There, the community will discuss the use of CROM in regulatory decision-making processes and explore how the CROM Consortium within the CORESTA framework could serve as a multi-stakeholder collaborative platform to enhance the harmonization of CROM in tobacco regulatory science.  PMI is a member of CORESTA, and contributes to different working groups of the center. The CROM Consortium Task Force is coordinated and chaired by Dr. Christelle Chrea, Manager Behavioral Sciences, and is hosting this symposium that will include presenter from both industry and academia. Dr. Christelle Chrea will chair the symposium and provide an overview of the CROM consortium, and Dr. Esther Afolalu, Senior Behavioral Scientist, will give a presentation as well as participate in a panel discussion.