Tissue Engineering for Drug Discovery (TEDD)

      Jun 2, 2015 - Jun 2, 2015
      Philip Morris International R&D Innovation Cube, Quai JeanRenaud 5, Neuchâtel 2000, Switzerland
      PMIScience hosts TEDD Member Visit. The TEDD Competence Centre (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) is a collaborative innovaton platform, dedicated to 3D cell culture technology and organ-like tissue models for drug development, substance testing, personalised and regenerative medicine. The network pools and transfers knowledge and technologies in order to promote the further development and routine application of 3D cell culture. By combining diverse skills through integrative cooperation amoung academics, clinicians and industrial partners, TEDD covers the entire development and value chain as well as forms a powerful and successful network. A video showing the work of TEDD can be viewed on the University of Zurich Website. View the Agenda to see what PMIScience will be presenting.