We are designing a smoke-free future

Our aim is to decrease the impact smoking has on public health. This is why we are developing a portfolio of smoke-free products and are assessing their impact on individual and public health with rigorous scientific methods.

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Our collaborative initiatives

We are committed to sharing our results as the assessment of our products advances. We have established a portfolio of programs to foster innovation and independent verification of our research results.


PMI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

We foster innovation and scientific excellence with passionate teams of experts from a variety of scientific and technical disciplines.

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Scientific Update

The Scientific Update is a regular publication on PMI's research efforts to develop and assess a range of potentially reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes



Our Idea Submission Portal is available to everyone and each concept is assessed by a panel of subject matter experts.


Research and development

Our rigorous development and assessment program for smoke-free products is inspired by the pharmaceutical industry's practices for novel drugs. Our program is run in accordance with the FDA's draft guidance on Modified Risk Tobacco Products (2012).

Over 400 scientists

The people behind the scenes

Over 400 scientists, engineers and technicians work on the development and assessment of our smoke-free products.

Our Products

Our smoke-free products

How do they work?


Our findings

What have we learned so far?

Our Approach

Understanding our approach

From product development through toxicology to the clinic and real life

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