Comparative systems toxicology assessment of aerosol from a candidate modified risk tobacco product and cigarette smoke in organotypic human gingival epithelial cultures

Authored by  F Zanetti, B Titz, A Sewer, G Lo Sasso, E Scotti, W Schlage, C Mathis, P Leroy, S Majeed, L Ortega Torres, BR Keppler*, A Elamin, K Trivedi, E Guedj, F Martin, S Frentzel, NV Ivanov, M Peitsch, J Hoeng

Presented at 2nd German Pharm-Tox Summit – a joint meeting: 83rd Annual Meeting of the German Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacol    
* This author is not affiliated with PMI.

This poster was also published in Food and Chemical Toxicology.