GladiaTOX: GLobal Assessment of Dose-IndicAtor in TOXicology

Authored by  V Belcastro, S Cano, D Marescotti, S Acali, I Gonzalez-Suarez, F Martin, F Bonjour, NV Ivanov, M Peitsch, J Hoeng

Published in Bioinformatics    



GladiaTOX R package is an open-source, flexible solution to high-content screening data processing and reporting in biomedical research. GladiaTOX takes advantage of the “tcpl” core functionalities and provides a number of extensions: it provides a web-service solution to fetch raw data; it computes severity scores and exports ToxPi formatted files; furthermore it contains a suite of functionalities to generate pdf reports for quality control and data processing.

Availability and Implementation

Software package written in R. Freely available via: “git clone –branch revbioinf”.