Quantification Of The Effect Of Smoking And Smoking Cessation On Lipid Parameters: A Meta-Analysis

Authored by  A van der Plas, G de La Bourdonnaye, G Baker, R Weitkunat, F L├╝dicke

Presented at ACE 2013     


Purpose: To quantify the effect of smoking and smoking cessation on lipid levels. Methods: PubMed was searched to identify publications which reported lipid levels in smokers and non-smokers, as well as articles reporting the effect of smoking cessation on these lipid parameters. A fixed effect model was used to perform the meta-analyses in Revman version 5 if there were at least 3 studies evaluating the same parameter. Results: 17 studies reporting smoking cessation were identified and 70 studies evaluating smoking and lipid parameters levels. We found that smokers had decreased levels of HDL and APO AI