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Platform Development

Our aim at PMI is to develop a range of Reduced-Risk Products (RRPs[1]) that offer adult smokers a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. We are working on four types of products: two that heat tobacco (instead of burning it) and two that deliver a simple nicotine vapor.

Burning tobacco causes the creation of thousands of chemicals that end up in smoke
When a cigarette is lit, the burning end can reach temperatures of up to 900 °C. This high temperature causes a large number of chemical reactions to take place which breaks down the tobacco into the thousands of chemicals that appear in cigarette smoke. Many of these chemicals are harmful or potentially harmful.

Heating tobacco produces vapor that contains far lower levels of chemicals
If the tobacco is heated to temperatures of around 350 °C, a tobacco vapor is produced instead of smoke. At these lower temperatures, many of the chemical reactions don’t take place, which means that the tobacco vapor contains significantly lower amounts of harmful or potentially harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke. Tobacco vapor still provides the taste and flavor that adult smokers are used to.

Nicotine vapor can also be produced without the use of tobacco
An enjoyable nicotine vapor can be produced without the use of tobacco – these products are called e-vapor products.  They work by creating a simple vapor that contains a mixture of nicotine, flavors and other substances like vegetable glycerin.

Understanding the composition of Reduced-Risk Product vapor is essential
In our scientific studies on both RRP vapors, tobacco vapor and nicotine vapor, we measure the levels of a long list of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals that are most closely associated with smoking related diseases. We compare the amount of chemicals in both RRP vapors with the levels found in cigarette smoke to ensure that we have substantially reduced or even eliminated them. Since our RRPs operate in different ways to cigarettes, we also conduct scientific research to check that the products do not generate any new chemicals that are not found in cigarette smoke and that might be harmful to consumers.

Our ultimate aim is to manufacture and market reduced risk products, and we have put in place extensive standards to ensure that the quality of our products is high, and that the quality can be reproduced throughout the manufacturing process.



More on Platform Development

Our RRPs are designed to reduce exposure to harmful and potentially harmful constituents, whilst preserving as much as possible the taste, sensory experience, nicotine delivery profile and ritual characteristics of cigarettes. To this end we conduct rigorous aerosol chemistry and physics assessments, and the development of our RRPs is guided by comprehensive principles of design and quality and strict manufacturing protocols. Click here to learn more about our Platform Development approach.