Read the latest Scientific Update on our smoke-free products

We are currently developing four Reduced Risk Product (RRP) platforms (see diagram below). Two of these are heat-not-burn tobacco products and two of them are e-vapor products.

All of our RRP platforms have been developed with two key principles in mind: to reduce the likelihood of developing diseases strongly associated with smoking whilst maintaining product acceptance and appeal to adult smokers. All newly developed products will undergo rigorous testing.  This may include both clinical and non-clinical assessment.

Our Reduced Risk Product Platforms

The RRPs depicted are subject to ongoing development and therefore the descriptions are illustrative and do not necessarily imply or represent the latest stages of product development.

It is widely accepted that tobacco harm reduction depends on smoker acceptance of alternative products and we have developed our RRPs with this objective in mind.  We also believe that it is important to develop, and eventually commercialize, a range of different products.  Our four platforms vary in terms of their similarities and differences to cigarettes, and in terms of look and feel and level of satisfaction that may be derived from using the product. The concept graph below shows all four platforms plotted against ‘importance of satisfaction’ to consumers and ‘openness to departure from cigarette flavor and ritual’. Based on these two axes, we believe our portfolio has the potential to appeal to a large number of current adult smokers.

Our Reduced Risk Product Platforms - the descriptions in this chart are for illustrative purposes only and do not imply or represent any scientific data.