Indoor air quality

      The importance of measuring indoor air quality for our smoke-free products

      How would you know whether the quality of the air you're breathing is poor?

      16 September 2021

      Indoor air quality – the quality of the air inside buildings – has a major influence on people as 90% of an individual’s time in developed countries is spent indoors. Assessing air quality is an important factor of the science behind our smoke-free products as it provides a strong indication of the potential impact that a product’s use may have on bystanders. 

      We measured indoor air quality by analyzing the effect of the use of the Tobacco Heating System (THS) or cigarettes, compared to background air. 

      The results of our experiments showed that the use of THS in an indoor environment, where norms of adequate ventilation are respected, does not adversely affect the overall indoor air quality. 

      Click here or the image to discover the immersive indoor air quality tool 

      Note: studies such as these are part of our product scientific assessment program, not part of regulatory efforts to affect public smoking bans.