6th Global Reverse Phase Protein Array Workshop (RPPA 2016)

Get updated about the latest developments and applications for signaling protein cancer and drug profiling at RPPA 2016:

•Hear about the latest developments in RPPA and protein biomarker research
•Find out how RPPA is complementing Next Generation Sequencing to advance personalized healthcare strategies
•Learn about perturbation biology and network pharmacology to beat resistance to targeted cancer therapy
•Hear about how RPPA is being used in drug development applications
•Network with basic research scientists, drug discovery groups and clinician scientists applying RPPA
•Meet instrument vendors, industry providers and academic facilities offering Array printing, RPPA Protein biomarker discovery and validation tools
•Find out how RPPA can enhance your basic and translational research goals


25 September

15:30 to 15:45

C Merg

Implementing RPPA approach to investigate the effect of cigarette smoke exposure in a 90-day inhalation study followed by a 42-day recovery period on Sprague-Dawley rat lung tissue as compared to the candidate modified risk

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25 September

15:45 to 16:00

A Elamin

Integrating RPPA technology within systems toxicology approach for product assessment of candidate modified risk tobacco products in rodents lungs

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