8th International Symposium on Plant Senescence

The conference aims to provide a comprehensive overview of plant senescence and aging and provoke ample discussion, with an emphasis on understanding of how plant senescence and aging affect plant productivity.

It will be structured into eight sessions:
  •  Session 1. Photosynthetic apparatus during leaf senescence
  •  Session 2. Subcellular organelle senescence
  •  Session 3. Organ senescence
  •  Session 4. Regulation of senescence
  •  Session 5. Senescence and stress
  •  Session 6. Senescence, reproduction, and plant productivity
  •  Session 7. Nutrient remobilization and postharvest physiology
  •  Session 8. Phenomics and new approaches (Natural variation and evolution)


1 November

13:00 to 13:20

Reduction of asparagine in cured tobacco leaves by knocking-out senescence-induced asparagine synthetases resulted in low acrylamide formation in smoke

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