NC3Rs Workshop: Applying exposure science to increase the utility of non-animal data in efficacy and safety testing

The meeting will bring together academic and industry researchers across multiple disciplines to share their knowledge and experiences in applying exposure science to increase the utility of in vitro and in silico data for decision-making, efficacy and safety assessment.  The workshop will be attended by expert scientists from academia, government and regulatory agencies and the (agro)chemicals, consumer products, and pharmaceutical industries.

The key objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Increase awareness and build confidence in the application of exposure-driven approaches to support decision-making based on data from non-animal approaches across sectors;
  • Build a community of scientists working in the area of exposure-driven safety assessment;
  • Identify gaps and challenge areas that need to be addressed to advance the application of exposure science capability;
  • Develop and publish guidance to facilitate the use and wider acceptance of exposure-driven non-animal approaches to inform and improve safety and efficacy decision-making.

PMI Science also won a PETA award for our collaborative efforts towards Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) Wiki.
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15 February

13:00 to 13:10

P Leroy

A comparative systems toxicology assessment of the tobacco heating system 2.2 and a reference cigarette using in vitro human organotypic culture models from the culture models from the respiratory tract

Coming soon

15 February

13:10 to 13:20

F Lucci

Modeling controlled deposition of polydisperse aerosol in 3D in-vitro exposure systems