PMI-hosted Poster Session Phoenix

PMI is currently working to scientifically assess the risk reduction potential of a portfolio of candidate reduced risk products that we have been developing.  This PMI-hosted poster session will be an opportunity to hear about the 21st Century toxicology research PMI is conducting to assess these new products and to allow you to share your views on our research.


26 March

17:00 to 17:10

E Bilal

Verification Of Systems Biology Research In The Age Of Collaborative Competition

26 March

17:10 to 17:20

C Mathis

Establishment of a fully ciliated and functional in vitro cell model of the rat airway epithelia

26 March

17:20 to 17:30

U Kogel

Systems Toxicology Approach For The Biological Impact Assessment Of Conventional Cigarette Smoke Fractions And Aerosol Fractions From A Prototypic Modified Risk Tobacco Product On Normal Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

26 March

17:30 to 17:40

M Cabanski

Cigarette smoke-induced perturbations of molecular pathways in human organotypic cultures of buccal and gingival mucosa_0

26 March

17:40 to 17:50

M Talikka

Organotypic Tissue Cultures As Models To Study The Impact Of Cigarette Smoke On Human Upper And Lower Respiratory Tract

26 March

17:50 to 18:00

I Gonzalez-Suarez

Multiplexed High Content Screening Analysis Reveals Reduced Toxicity Of A Prototypic Modified Risk Tobacco Product (pMRTP) As Compared To A Conventional Cigarette

26 March

18:00 to 18:10

E Veljkovic

A Mechanistic Study Of Cigarette Smoke-Induced COPD In C57BL/6 Mice: The Impact Of Switching To pMRTP