Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco 2017

You are welcomed to the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco in Florence.

The meeting offers you a transdisciplinary collection of cutting-edge science across the full spectrum of basic and applied research on nicotine and tobacco. This year there will be presentations on a number of pivotal clinical trials, plus hot topics in the field of tobacco use epidemiology, genomics, biomarkers, cue reactivity, e-cigarettes, cigar use, waterpipes, smokeless tobacco, secondhand exposure, and tobacco product regulation.

This year, there is a strong focus on concurrent use of tobacco with other psychoactive substances and drugs. Findings from basic science, pre-clinical and clinical studies will be discussed to understand complex interactions between nicotine and other substances. Whilst the overall prevalence of smoking is decreasing in many countries, a significant proportion of tobacco smokers also use various psychoactive substances. Also, smoking rates are high among those who are addicted to various legal and illegal drugs, including marijuana, alcohol, and opioids. These populations need to be a focus of tobacco control policies and interventions moving forward, so that "no man is left behind" in our efforts to reduce smoking prevalence. In this manner, equity is the focus, not just equality.


9 March

13:10 to 13:20

Chris Wynne

Evaluation of nicotine pharmacokinetics and subjective effects following use of a novel nicotine aerosol system

9 March

13:20 to 13:30

S Roulet

Actual use study of the candidate Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP); Tobacco Heating System (THS)

9 March

13:30 to 13:40

F Beacher

Perceived health risk of the Tobacco Heating System and comparators, associated with variants of a potential product brochure

9 March

13:40 to 13:50

PP Magnani

Intention to use the Tobacco Heating System, associated with variants of a potential product brochure

9 March

13:50 to 14:00

G Baker

Modeling the impact of changes in tobacco use on individual disease risks

9 March

14:00 to 14:10

N Lama

Nicotine population pharmacokinetics in healthy adult smokers

9 March

14:10 to 14:20

C Tran

Biomarker of exposure reductions upon switchingfor 5daysfrom cigarettes to a carbon heated tobacco product (1.0)