TMA 2015: Centennial Celebration and Conference

TMA was founded in 1915 to manage information of vital interest to interested organizations, companies, regulators and others who need information on the worldwide tobacco and e-vapor industries. Users of TMA information include NGO's such as the World Health Organization, government agencies such as the US Tax and Trade Bureau, and companies in most sectors of the industry including suppliers and allied industries such as the financial, advertising, laboratory, CRO and consulting communities. Today, the TMA continues to function as a trade association and remains dedicated to supplying factual information to a variety of universities and other research groups, organizations, companies, associations, and others whose revenues, whether from sales, grants or other sources depend upon timely, comprehensive and accurate data about the global tobacco and e-vapor industry.


18 May

15:00 to 15:20

M Gilchrist

Heat-not-Burn Products: Scientific Assessment of Risk Reduction

18 May

15:20 to 15:40

G Baker

Population Health Impact Model