Miroslaw Zielinski

"Welcome to PMIScience.com. 

I am proud to be the first President of Reduced-Risk Products for Philip Morris International. Reduced-Risk Products (RRPs) are products that have the potential to reduce the risk of smoking related disease, when compared to cigarettes.

In my view, there is no objective more important than the development of RRPs that are acceptable to the millions of adult smokers who continue to smoke. Today, less harmful products that provide satisfaction and taste are no longer wishful thinking – advancements in science and technology have made them a concrete possibility. Adult smokers around the world have increasingly shown that they want alternatives to cigarettes. Regulators and public health advocates have concluded that less risky products can benefit public health and that switching can be achieved without undermining prevention and cessation, although those policies must be supported. 

The focus of this website is the rigorous scientific research that is the foundation of PMI’s RRPs. As described here, PMI scientists, working with the help of external experts, are conducting a wide range of studies to assess our RRPs, ranging from aerosol chemistry to fundamental biology to preclinical and clinical studies. Those studies are based on guidance from leading regulators and longstanding practices used in the pharmaceutical industry. 

We expect scrutiny and recognize that our data and methods must be assessed by independent scientific experts. PMI thus invites review and is committed to publishing and sharing its data as appropriate. This website provides one such forum for review. Among the data in it, are information about our many peer-reviewed publications as well as links to poster presentations at scientific forums. 

We are eager to hear opinions from you about our science. You can contact us through this website or through our social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. We look forward to hearing from you and I hope you find this website informative. 


Miroslaw (Mirek) Zielinski"

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