11 January 2019

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The ABOUT™ Toolbox is a portfolio of self-report instruments that we are developing to assess people’s perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors towards Reduced-Risk Products* in a scientifically robust manner. Five domains are being investigated: Perceived Risk, Use History, Product Experience, Dependence, and Health and Functioning.

Using best measurement and development practices, we have designed these instruments to be fit-for-purpose to accurately compare combustible and noncombustible products. 

The ABOUT™ Toolbox instruments are distributed by Mapi Research Trust on our behalf and made available to the wider scientific community through the ePROVIDETM platform.

By sharing the ABOUT™ Toolbox, PMI provides researchers with access to instruments that are:

1. Developed and validated with state-of-the-science methods, straightforward to implement, and easy to interpret

2. Relevant to the whole spectrum of tobacco and nicotine-containing products

3. Designed to facilitate comparisons of perception and behavior data across academic, industry and public health research communities


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How did we develop the ABOUT™ Toolbox?
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Our first instrument:

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Coming soon:
ABOUT™—Product Experience

In development:
ABOUT™—Health and Functioning
ABOUT™—Use History

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