28 November 2019 

Dr. Serge Maeder, Global Head of Product Research, discusses the results of our Platform 1 studies on indoor air quality.

Here in R&D we have a dedicated room, a controlled room, where we can perform studies on what happens to the air when heated tobacco products are used indoors, but we also do studies in real life environments, like restaurants for example, when people were using the product. And our conclusion is that it does emit lower levels of nicotine in particular, but also acetaldehyde – a compound that, by the way, is also exhaled in human breath.

But the levels we measured are considerably below the thresholds that have been established by competent health authorities as being something that would cause troubles.

So our conclusion based on that is that because these levels are much lower than established guidelines, our conclusion is that using heated tobacco products indoors do not negatively impact the indoor air quality.

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