23 June 2017

PMI key findings and independent data on Platform 1– the Tobacco Heating System or “THS” – discussed at the 2017 Global Forum on Nicotine

Following the IsoNTech technology symposium, PMI scientists presented data from Perception and Behavior, Clinical and Long-term studies on the Tobacco Heating System (THS) at the 2017 edition of the Global Forum on Nicotine. Six Augmented Reality posters and two presentations formed a solid scientific basis for the discussion that took place at this year’s conference.

Dr. Moira Gilchrist explained how PMI’s scientific assessment approach is planned to minimize the unintended consequences – dual THS and cigarette use for example – of switching to Platform 1. In her speech during the first plenary session, she also reflected on the two preceding presentations by Dr. Farsalinos and Dr. Shahab, both of whom shared independently generated data on Platform 1.

"Accurate and non-misleading information is key..." said Moira Gilchrist, emphasizing how important it is to inform people so that they understand scientifically substantiated information about smoke-free alternatives.

During his talk in the session focusing on novel research methods, Dr. Thomas McGrath presented the available scientific proof of the elimination of combustion in Platform 1.

Both high-level Augmented Reality and in-depth brochures assisted PMI's six poster presenters in adjusting their discussions to the GFN’s heterogeneous audience.

Interested policymakers, media representatives, healthcare professionals, researchers from academia and tobacco companies were all able to learn about Platform 1's actual use patterns, its perceived risks and intention to use, in addition to its ongoing post-market assessment. Furthermore, clinical data on biomarkers of exposure with Platform 2 and on nicotine pharmacokinetics and subjective effects in Platform 3 were available for discussion.

We encourage independent and scientifically robust data on our platforms. Confirmation on PMI’s certain results with Platform 1 can be found in independent data presented thus far.

You can find Dr. Farsalinos’s full presentation here, and also read the conversation discussing the conference's theme on social media under the #GFN17 hashtag.


PMI at GFN 2017