Updated: 19 August 2020

We developed the INTERVALS™ online platform to share and explore RRP assessment data and results, along with mechanistic studies on smoking-related diseases. Watch our videos below to learn more.


With INTERVALS™, you can browse, share and analyze

pre-clinical and clinical

data, study design, and methods

for RRPs – inlcuding potential and candidate Modified Risk Tobacco Products (MRTPs).


The entire RRP research community is welcome to join us and use the platform: INTERVALS™ is meant to be a comprehensive RRP repository with data from various sources, in addition to PMI’s research data.

Independant verification

We welcome independent verification of our results

Two of our latest added studies describe an independent review of a multitude of PMI’s scientific publications on Platform 1. Via a web portal, reviewers in Tier 1 had access to all associated clinical and pre-clinical studies results, together with their corresponding protocols, reports, raw data, and publications. The reports issued by the Tier 1 reviewers were further reviewed by expert scientists in Tier 2. Learn more about how these studies were conducted and their findings at INTERVALS.science.

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