19 August 2020

Below is a transcript of the video:

I think we have achieved the recognition that transparency is key for reproducible science and for trust. We have brought along scientists who are not born to share [or are not used to sharing] all minute details for their research and data to share on INTERVALS within our organization, but also outside of the organization. We have now studies that come from outside of the Cube, and I think we have achieved the recognition that for these also, in the transparency world: PMI is leading the way.

I do believe that people are always keen to look at what we are doing. Some regulators and other scientific groups are looking at what we do. But they have also been looking at what they could share on their own, and this is the feedback we’ve become [aware of]. People like to see it, it’s looking nice.  There's a lot of information it's easy to find information which is also the key purpose of the platform. You don’t have to look and look to find the relevant information.

We have presented the platform at different conferences; we have also presented the platform to other tobacco industries in the frame of the CORESTA workshops. People do give the feedback that this is a very interesting endeavor and that they would like to participate.

We’ve also gotten some of our Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) that are now on the stage to be published. The scientists put their studies on INTERVALS, so they also give us feedback with a more external view to the platform.