21 March 2017

PMI Science at 2017 SOT yearly meeting – from new data to standards and transparency in toxicology

PMI’s scientists attend the Society of Toxicology’s annual meeting every spring to alignm with the SOT’s mission to create a safer and healthier world by advancing science. At this year’s meeting, PMI discussed important new results in the form of one presentation and eight posters.

As part of a dedicated ancillary session towards standards and transparency, Stéphanie Boué, Manager of Scientific Transparency and Verification, presented an overview of PMI’s product assessment strategy and the power of systems biology when complementing classical toxicological information. She also talked about the sbv IMPROVER program, a key effort in process verification for industrial methods and INTERVALS. This forward-thinking online tool provides the industry and academic groups a platform to share inhalation toxicology methods and results on novel tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

New toxicology data for Platform 2 was on display for discussion via six posters, in an array of test systems; from in vitro assays through organotypic cultures, to a 90-day rat inhalation study. Furthermore, the Adverse Outcome Pathway for mucous hypersecretion in chronic bronchitis was also shared with SOT’s community.

This meeting presents a great opportunity for researchers, across the tobacco industry and beyond, to engage with one another and gain feedback and learning relating to technological advances. The general consensus was that organ-on-a-chip solutions are the likely candidate to shape toxicological testing in 2017.