14 March 2017

PMI Science at SRNT 2017 – Risk reduction both for smokers and for non-smokers

The SRNT annual meeting marks an important event in PMI Science’s calendar every year. It was held on March 8-11 this year in Florence and PMI Science used this opportunity to share new data in 7 posters, with the SRNT’s truly diverse community.

Tobacco and nicotine researchers, regulators, cancer institutes, drug abuse representatives are in constant dialogue with each other to work collaboratively on ensuring the health burden of smoking today is alleviated.

As witnessed on social media, forward-thinking discussions emerged around the topics of vaping and novel nicotine, as well as tobacco products in relation to tobacco harm reduction.

Thinking beyond reducing risk for individual smokers, the potential gateway effects of these products are also carefully evaluated.

There is an ongoing debate about such effects because, to date, there is minimal data available and the fundamental differences in their relative importance varies in each country.

PMI Science's posters contributed to this by presenting results on the real life usage of Platform 1 from our Reduced-Risk Product portfolio, its perceived risk and the intention to use.

New results were on display for discussion about Platforms 2 and 3 as well. Importantly, Platform 2’s latest clinical trial shows a decrease in the levels of biomarkers that represent harmful chemicals compared to a conventional cigarette. Platform 3’s setup was assessed for acceptance by consumers through another of our dedicated clinical trials.

PMI Science's poster on its population health impact model showed how disease risks for stroke, COPD, ischemic heart disease and lung cancer change over time, and how the introduction of smoke-free products could help reduce these risks.

Check out our available SRNT posters here.