24 February 2021

On February 24th, PMI scientists shared their latest data at this year's Society for Research in Nicotine & Tobacco Annual Meeting (SRNT 2021). The meeting was held completely online from February 24th to the 27th, and it focused on such important issues as social justice, health inequality, and action to correct health disparities.

During the meeting, PMI scientists presented eight posters that highlight our research regarding tobacco and nicotine. Scroll down to browse the recorded presentations.

Mark Bentley

Watch Mark Bentley's presentation

Comprehensive Chemical Characterization of the Aerosol Generated by Heated Tobacco Product

Presented by Mark Bentley, Senior Scientist RRP System Innovation

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Jenny Ho

Watch Jenny Ho's presentation

Toxicological Assessment of Flavored e-liquids in Sprague Dawley Rats in an OECD Subchronic Inhalation Study Complemented by Systems Toxicology Endpoints

Presented by Jenny Ho, Scientist Study Management

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Diego Marescotti

Watch Dr. Diego Marescotti's presentation

Development of a 3D Intestinal Model for Assessing the Immunomodulatory Properties of Anti-inflammatory Compounds

Presented by Dr. Diego Marescotti, Manager High Content Screening

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Angela van der Plas

Watch Dr. Angela van der Plas' presentation

Influence of the Introduction of Heated Tobacco Products on IHD and COPD Hospitalizations in Japan using Real-World Data

Presented by Dr. Angela van der Plas, Manager Real World Evidence

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Esther Afolalu

Watch Dr. Esther Afolalu's presentation

Qualitative Health and Functioning Concept Elicitation Interviews in Japanese Users of Heated Tobacco Products

Presented by Dr. Esther Afolalu, Senior Behavioral Scientist

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Giuseppe Plebani

Watch Dr. Giuseppe Plebani's presentation

Scientific Substantiation of the Absence of Combustion in a Novel Heated Tobacco Product

Presented by Dr. Giuseppe Plebani, Manager Scientific & Medical Affairs

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Christelle Haziza

Watch Dr. Christelle Haziza's presentation

Assessing the Effects of Switching from Cigarettes to the Tobacco Heating System Relative to Smoking Cessation on Biomarkers of Potential Harm – Additional Evidence on the Potential to Reduce the Risk of Smoking-related Diseases

Presented by Dr. Christelle Haziza, Global Head Clinical Research & Execution

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Karina Fischer

Watch Dr. Karina Fischer's presentation

IQOS Use Prevalence and History of Tobacco Product Use: Findings from Surveys in Japan, Italy, and Germany

Presented by Dr. Karina Fischer, Manager PBA/Post Launch Research

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