Updated: 14 August 2020

Our smoke-free products are the creation of innovation

With emerging technological advances, we have been able to develop what we believe to be the future of tobacco and nicotine-containing products – Reduced-Risk Products.

Our smoke-free products require a new combination of expertise

With great imagination and endeavor, we have changed the industry paradigm to further develop RRPs.

Our current RRP portfolio is the result of innovatively combining technologies, methodologies, and the skill of our scientists and engineers.

We sought the finest expertise from around the globe, spanning many disciplines in world-class research and development, to grow our RRP portfolio.


As a result, we have four platforms in development: two Heated Tobacco Products (HTP) and two Nicotine-Containing Products (NCP).

Platform 1 uses electronics to heat a heated tobacco unit to generate a flavorful nicotine-containing aerosol.

Platform 2 is also a heated tobacco product that uses a pressed carbon heat source that, once lit, heats the tobacco similarly to Platform 1, generating a nicotine-containing aerosol.

Platform 3 generates a nicotine aerosol that is formed through the chemical reaction of nicotine and a weak organic acid.

Platform 4 is comprised of our portfolio of e-vapor products. These products generate nicotine-containing aerosols by heating a nicotine solution.


Platform 1

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Platform 3

Platform 2

Platform 2


Platform 4


The world is full of people with bright ideas and, as such, we operate an active alliance program to widen our knowledge and technology portfolio that may further enhance our RRP portfolio. Alliance partners can be individuals, start-ups, or established companies and can span a broad spectrum of products, components and services. Alliance structures are tailored to the specifics of the situation, as well as to the needs of our partners. The structures can take multiple forms such as in-licensing, R&D Agreements, service agreements, co-development agreements, as well as asset or share acquisitions.

Feel free to submit your proposal through our portal to engage with us.

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