5 May 2015

PMIScience scientists are organising and hosting a Network Biology Conference on Wednesday 17th June 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.



The conference is part of the sbvIMPROVER 2nd Network Verification Challenge Jamboree and will include key note presentations by prominent systems biology scientists and provide a unique opportunity for networking  with systems biology experts and leaders in the life sciences industry.

Please visit the sbvIMPROVER 2nd Network Verification Challenge Jamboree website for further details and instructions on how to register.

The following key note presentations are scheduled for the conference:  

1. Dr Natalie Catlett, Senior Computational Scientist, Selventa, USA. "OpenBEL: A Platform for Capture, Share and Use of Biological Knowledge"

2. Dr Fabio Rinaldi, Lecturer and Senior Researcher, Institute of Computational Linguistics, University of Zurich, Switzerland. "The Text Analytics Challenge BioCreative V: Extraction of Causal Network Information in Biological Expression Language (BEL)"

3. Dr Raul Rodriguez Esteban, Senior Scientist, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland. "Current Challenges and Opportunities for the Text Mining of Interactions"

4. Dr Samik Ghosh, Senior Scientist, Systems Biology Institute, Japan. "Garuda Platform and Scientific Challenges"

5. Dr Mathieu Vinken, Professor, Free University of Brussels, Belgium. "Adverse Outcome Pathways as Tools to Assess Drug-Induced Toxicity"

6. Dr Kristie Sullivan, Director of Regulatory Testing Issues, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, USA. "Adverse Outcome Pathways: A Framework for Organising Mechanistic Information to Improve Chemical Assessment"

7. Dr Martin Hornshaw, Senior Marketing Manager, LSMS, Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK. "Proteogenomics: a Tool for Molecular Marker Discovery in Translational Science"