20 March 2017

Scientific Substantiation – the collecting of scientific evidence about the risk profile of our products – is a fundamental process that forms the basis of all our communications material.

Our smoke-free products go through an extensive and comprehensive assessment program that was developed based on best practices learned from the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the Draft Guidance for Modified Risk Tobacco Products issued by the US FDA (2012). We place great emphasis on communicating our findings transparently within the scientific and regulatory communities through conference presentations, peer-reviewed publications, and direct engagement efforts.

We fully understand that society views the research conducted by the tobacco industry with skepticism. Therefore, we endeavor to be transparent about the data we generate on our products and adhere to the highest and most robust scientific standards.

We believe transparency is the first step towards re-establishing trust in our research and data.

We welcome robust and scientifically accurate independent studies of our products and encourage collaborative research opportunities.  Our sbvIMPROVER program is set up to encourage the scientific and medical communities to independently verify our findings.


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