2 April 2020

PMI releases its latest Scientific Update 09, a regular publication on its research efforts to further tobacco harm reduction and to develop and assess a range of potentially reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes.

The ninth issue of the Scientific Update is published in a new style, with its focus on our smoke-free products broadening to also encompass harm reduction in general. The feature article describes what combustion is, discusses the processes that are involved in the heating of tobacco, and identifies some of the chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke.

This issue also discusses how we compare the impacts of our Platform 1 product (the electrically heated tobacco product or EHTS) on indoor air quality compared to those of cigarettes. Finally, we review several publications on heated tobacco and e-vapor products from the last few months, some published by our own scientists, and some published independently.

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References for this issue can be found here.

Scientific Update 09 cover

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