17 December 2019

PMI releases its latest Smoke-Free Products – Scientific Update 08, a regular publication on its research efforts to develop and assess a range of potentially reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes.

The 8th issue of the Scientific Update focuses on all things nicotine. Nicotine is addictive and not risk-free, but it is not the primary cause of smoking related diseases. But what is nicotine? What makes nicotine addictive? And what are nicotine's effects in the body? All these topics, as well as the role of nicotine in our own research, are discussed in this December issue of the Scientific Update.

We also cover several recent independent studies that have focused on nicotine as well as smoke-free products. Other highlights include an update on our recent scientific presentations, an overview of the U.S. FDA’s decision with respect to our Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application (PMTA), and the sbv IMPROVER challenge calling for new efforts to design AI tools for diagnosis.

Read the Scientific Update now to learn more.

Scientific Update 8 Nicotine Cover

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