23 October 2018

Our latest developments on Platform 1 include several key improvements in quality and reliability of the holder and charger. The system is more compact, charges more efficiently, and is more physically robust than earlier designs. We have also developed a new version of Platform 1 that supports consecutive uses.

Specification changes

The battery lifespan of the Platform 1 holder has doubled. This combined with optimized electronics improved the charge time by around 15%. The system is charged via a USB-C cable rather than Micro-USB, matching updated technological standards.


Increased robustness

Certain features of Platform 1 have been re-designed to increase robustness, including improvements to the charger's opening mechanism and its outer shell. The holder magnetically locks into the charger, automatically rotating into place and generating the correct force to initiate charging, even with the charger open. More selective choice of internal components and wiring materials allows Platform 1 to operate in a temperature range approximately 0 °C to 50 °C, a 20 °C wider range than before. 


A second, integrated version

One of the biggest changes is that, in addition to improvements we’ve made on the holder and charger Platform 1 system, we’ve also introduced a second, integrated design for Platform 1. This version combines the holder and charger into a single unit that can support 10 consecutive uses with the same battery lifetime and a similar level of physical robustness as the holder and charger system.

Consumers accept

Smokers are switching to our first smoke-free alternatives


Platform 1

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