5 November 2018

Platform 4's MESH is produced with fully automated manufacturing in mind, including changes both to the replaceable cap and the device itself.

The MESH device, holding the battery and puff sensor, is now enclosed in a durable aluminum housing. The power output from the battery to the mesh heater has been increased from 6 W to 7.5 W, which increases the total aerosol mass per puff. The replaceable cap, which has always been a completely closed system to prevent tampering and protect the quality of the e-liquid, now includes an improved seal to prevent liquid leakage. This seal is removed prior to use.

The way MESH heats the e-liquid has also been streamlined. The e-liquid inside the cap is now directed to the liquid transport and retention material on one face of the mesh heater, which then heats the vapor consistently. The vapor is released from the other face of the mesh heater and leaves through the mouthpiece.


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