13 October 2020

Our scientists presented at the 3rd Scientific Summit on Tobacco Harm Reduction: Novel products, Research & Policy on September 24, 2020 by pre-recording themselves presenting their posters. In this video, Dr. Sciuscio focuses on the toxicological assessment of flavored e-liquids in Sprague Dawley rats in an OECD subchronic inhalation study complemented by systems toxicology endpoints. 

Return to the conference page or you can watch all the presentations below:

A proposed approach for evaluating harm reduction in adult smokers after switching from cigarettes to tobacco heating system (THS): biomarkers of potential harm  - Dr. Christelle Haziza

Toxicological assessment of flavored e-liquids in Sprague Dawley rats in an OECD sub chronic inhalation study complemented by systems toxicology endpoints - Dr. Davide Sciusco

Systems toxicology assessment of a representative e-liquid formulation by using human primary bronchial epithelial cells - Dr. Diego Marescotti 

Tobacco heating system 2.2 in mild to moderate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease subjects: An exploratory analysis - Dr. Francesco Sergio

IQOS uptake and history of tobacco product use: findings from cross-sectional surveys in Japan, Italy, and Germany - Steve Roulet

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