PMI Science Booklet

      A glimpse into our goals, our approach, and our science

      The PMI Science Booklet is an important part of our effort to transparently and openly share our science. We believe that it is important to share our research findings and studies on smoke-free products with the world, and the PMI Science Booklet is a way to do that in a clear and concise way. It is designed to be shared with scientists, regulators, and other stakeholders who are interested in learning more about our research. Learn more about PMI's scientific assessment program of our smoke-free products, and explore the most up-to-date information.


      August 2023 Edition

      As in previous editions, this August 2023 edition of the booklet focuses on our smoke-free products as well as the most up-to-date findings on our assessment program. Some of the key findings included in this edition are the positive impact on smokers’ health, the behavioral studies after the commercialization of smoke-free products, and the Population Health Impact Model.


      In addition to an updated infographic providing facts and figures on our research program, this latest edition provides an updated timeline that shows our progress from 2008 before our R&D center was even open, to our goal of seeing 40 million adult smokers switch to our smoke-free products by 2025.


      PMI Science Leaflet

      Alongside the PMI Science Booklet, we have designed the PMI Science Leaflet that offers a condensed overview of our research for quick and easy sharing.


      Browse through our leaflet and learn about key facts and figures.