Careers and Job Opportunities at PMI

      We’re harnessing the talent of our expert teams, working across electronics, biology, chemistry, toxicology, proteomics, clinical studies and beyond, allowing our scientists the freedom and space to maximize the potential for our smoke-free products to make a positive impact on addressing smoking-related health issues. Our world-class scientists come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience from industry and academia. Learn about the kind of work that our scientists, engineers, and product developers do at Philip Morris International (PMI) and browse current job opportunities.

      Learn about the work our scientists, technicians, and engineers do

      We have a global network of Philip Morris International R&D facilities including 1,586 scientists, engineers, technicians, and support staff working in PMI R&D.* These facilities, including the Cube, our R&D Center in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, not only contribute to our own research and development but also foster external innovation through collaboration with research institutes, universities, and companies with shared scientific interests.

      As well as publishing research in peer-reviewed open access journals, our scientists attend international conferences and virtual events, presenting our findings in fields ranging from aerosol science and nonclinical toxicology to perception and behavior and clinical studies. We also have an Open Science event series to communicate the results of our product development and assessment as well as our research findings via online, live and in-person events.

      * Data includes employees of Swedish Match and Vectura Fertin Pharma.

      Find out what responsible research and development means for us at PMI

      At PMI, responsible R&D means ensuring the credibility, integrity, and robustness of our scientific research in alignment with international standards, as well as maintaining transparency in communicating our methods and results.

      Transparency and open sharing of results and methods promote the use of best practices in scientific research. The resulting scientific publications and presentations are the base upon which science-based discussions are built. We published 532 scientific publications between 2008 and 2023. We welcome you to browse our publications library and see the details of our research for yourself.

      See the open positions we’re hiring for

      If your ambition matches ours, and you’re ready to build a smoke-free future with courage and curiosity, the opportunities are endless. You can make an impact that will last for generations as we transform for good. Join us and make history.