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      Open Science: PMI’s Scientific Event Series

      The Open Science event series serves as a platform for our scientists to present and discuss topics regarding the science behind smoke-free products, while engaging directly with our audience through Q&A sessions. We cover a wide range of topics such as: tobacco harm reduction, combustion, smoke-free products, research and methodology, health impact, amongst others.

      To cater to the preferences of our audience, we organize two distinct event formats across multiple channels:

      • In Brief: Spotlight on a particular topic of interest, with live Q&A
      • Open Science Events: Live sessions with live Q&A

      An award-winning event

      With over 10 events, more than 10,000 participants viewers from over 50 countries, our Open Science events series has emerged as the prime platform for our audience to delve deeper into our scientific research.


      In August 2022, we were honored to receive a silver Stevie award for Achievement in Science or Technology for our Open Science event series, which has grown from a simple webinar in 2020 to a variety of offerings including live and in-person events.

      Past Event

      Innovation drives progress: The evolution of smoke-free products

      In this Open Science event, our scientists provided an in-depth look into the innovation and science behind smoke-free products, such as the Tobacco Heating System (THS). 


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      We've found that hosting webinars is a great way for us to share our latest results with the scientific community. In case you missed one, this is a convenient way to access our past Open Science events in chronological order.

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