Open Science, June 2022

      An open conversation on the science behind smoke-free alternatives​

      For our seventh Open Science event, we focused on the concept of tobacco harm reduction and the role scientifically substantiated smoke-free products can play by complementing existing tobacco control measures. We also discussed why the absence of combustion is an important first step in a harm reduction approach to smoking.

      The role of smoke-free products in tobacco harm reduction

      The best way to avoid the harm of smoking is to not start in the first place. For someone who already smokes, quitting smoking is the single best thing they can do to reduce their risk. And if a person won’t quit, then switching to a product that doesn’t burn tobacco is a better choice than continuing to smoke cigarettes. This is because the vast majority of harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke and linked to smoking-related diseases are generated by combustion. 

      Event Details

      Live from the Cube

      Our Open Science event was held live at our R&D Center, The Cube, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, on June 20, 2022.


      This Open Science event walked viewers through the science behind our smoke-free alternatives and discussed why completely switching to tobacco- or nicotine-containing products that do not burn tobacco, has the potential to present less risk of harm for adult smokers than continued smoking. 

      The session and live Q & A were moderated by former journalist, Sukhi Hayer.