PMI Science Brochures

      PMI Science Booklet: Our goals, our approach, and our science

      The PMI Science Booklet and Leaflet are essential tools in our commitment to transparently and openly share our science. Designed for scientists, regulators, and other stakeholders who are interested in learning more about our research on our smoke-free products, these resources offer clear and concise insights into our research findings and studies. Discover PMI's vision for a smoke-free future and explore the latest studies on smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes, such as the Tobacco Heating System, with our PMI Science Booklet.


      PMI Science Booklet

      The May 2024 edition of the PMI Science Booklet introduces refreshed content, including updated sections on heat-not-burn, e-vapor and oral product technologies, delivering a smoke-free future, tobacco regulation, and independent reviews.


      Enhanced with 2023 annual results data, it provides detailed insights into our research efforts and progress, spanning from 2008 to our ambition to be a substantially smoke-free company by 2030.


      PMI Science Leaflet

      Complementing the PMI Science Booklet, we have designed the PMI Science Leaflet that offers a succinct overview of our research initiatives. Navigate this condensed resource to discover key facts and figures, providing a snapshot of our commitment to innovation in smoke-free alternatives.


      Whether for a brief overview or quick dissemination, the Leaflet serves as a handy resource to grasp the essence of our research endeavors.


      PMI Science Timeline

      We've created a timeline of events showing some of our biggest milestones in our journey to build a smoke-free future.