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      Our facilities and partners at a glance

      Research Partner

      Emakina  Brussels, Belgium

      Histovia Germany

      ABF Germany

      ProATonce Greece

      Selvita Krakow, Poland

      Nencki Institute Poland

      Biologicshub Novi Sad, Serbia

      Biobide San Sebastián, Spain

      Vivotecnia Research S.L. Madrid, Spain

      Inhalation Sciences Sweden


      Scanco Medical AG Bruettisellen, Switzerland

      Biognosys AG Schlieren, Switzerland

      Eawag, Department of Environmental Toxicology Dubendorf, Switzerland

      Douglas Connect Switzerland

      Unilabs Ltd London, UK

      Protavio Ltd UK

      Parallax Development Canada

      Scientist.com (The Assay Depot Inc) Solana Beach, CA USA

      Metabolon Inc. Morrisville, NC USA

      MatTek Ashland, MA USA

      CFD Research Corporation Huntsville, AL USA

      BTI/Cornell Ithaca, NY USA

      Biodati Rahway, NJ USA


      Long-Term Study Partner

      Cross-Sectional Survey Germany, NCT03527017 Germany

      Cross-Sectional Survey Italy, NCT03527004 Italy

      Cross-Sectional Survey London, NCT03527030 London, UK

      Japanese Cross-Sectional Study nationwide in Japan

      Japanese Post-Market Cohort Study, NCT03020667 several cities in Japan


      Smoke-free product production site

      Future smoke-free product Production Site Dresden, Germany

      Smoke-free product production site at the Papastratos Cigarette Manufacturing Company Greece

      Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna S.p.A. Crespellano, BO, Italy

      Smoke-free product production site Otopeni, Romania

      Philip Morris Products SA, Manufacturing Facility Neuchatel, Switzerland

      Smoke-free product production site Yangsan, Korea


      R&D Location

      The iCube, Research&Development Facility Neuchatel, Switzerland

      Philip Morris International Management SA Lausanne, Switzerland

      Philip Morris International Research Laboratories Pte. Ltd Singapore, Singapore

      Philip Morris International Research & Development Facility Yerevan, Armenia


      Independent Analytical Laboratory

      Labstat International ULC Kitchener, ON, Canada

      Clinical Study

      Reduced exposure clinical study 5 days, CHTP, NCT02503254 Poland

      Reduced exposure clinical study 5 days, THS, NCT01959932 Poland

      Reduced exposure clinical study 90 days, CHTP, NCT02641587 Poland

      User acceptability clinical study, NSP, NCT03369340 Switzerland

      User acceptability clinical study, THS menthol, NCT01967732 United Kingdom

      User acceptability clinical study, e-cigarettes, NCT03379740 United States

      User acceptability clinical study, THS menthol, NCT01967719 United States

      Smoking cessation clinical study, NCT02432729 United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Japan

      Exposure response clinical study 26 weeks, THS, NCT02396381 United States 

      26-week extension to the Exposure response clinical study, THS, NCT02649556 United States

      Reduced exposure clinical study 90 days, THS menthol, NCT01989156 United States

      User acceptability clinical study, NSP, NCT02643693 United States

      Real-life passive exposure clinical study, THS, NCT03550989 Tokyo, Japan

      User acceptability clinical study, THS menthol, NCT01967706 Japan

      User acceptability clinical study, THS, NCT01959607 Japan

      User acceptability clinical study, e-cigarettes, NCT03379740 United States

      Reduced exposure clinical study 90 days, THS, NCT01970995 Tokyo, Japan

      Reduced exposure clinical study 5 days, THS, NCT01970982 Tokyo, Japan

      User acceptability clinical study, NSP, NCT02532374 New Zealand


      Investigator Initiated Study

      Leaching of chemicals of environmental concern from used heated tobacco sticks to natural water and comparison with leaching from smoked conventional cigarettes Technical University of Crete

      A 12-weeks open label, non-inferiority trial comparing HnB products vs ECs in terms of efficacy and adoption rates, acceptability, tolerability, and tobacco harm reduction in healthy smokers, not motivated to quit. University of Catania

      Research on the Effects of Exhaled Pollutants from Tobacco Heating System (THS) on Indoor Air Quality Kaunas University of Technology

      A Proof-of-concept, Open-label, Three-arm Study to Evaluate Mobile Applications and Biosensing (mHealth) Devices to Monitor Physical Activity, Respiratory Function, and Antioxidant Capacity in Smokers with and without Respiratory Symptoms/COPD Kazakhstan Academy of Preventive Medicine

      Cross-sectional study of COPD and smoking Kazakhstan Academy of Preventive Medicine

      A 5-year cohort observational study to evaluate frequency of exacerbations, respiratory symptoms, physical exercise intolerance and abnormal lung functions among participants who use IQOS with heatsticks compared to smokers of conventional cigarettes Kazakhstan Academy of Preventive Medicine

      Technical Partner

      Technical Partner Malaysia