We have a vision of replacing cigarettes with better products for adult smokers who don’t quit.

      To achieve this, we need to meet the range of needs and preferences of adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke. 

      This is why we are developing a range of smoke-free products, with a variety of ways to provide nicotine for adult smokers and adult nicotine users, without burning tobacco. All products have been developed with continued focus on our key goal of offering less harmful alternatives than continued smoking that adult smokers can find acceptable and fully switch to. 

      All of our inhalable nicotine products avoid burning tobacco or producing smoke, each in its own way. They are designed to deliver a nicotine-containing (or nicotine-free) aerosol with a reduced level of harmful and potentially harmful toxicants compared to cigarette smoke.

      Inhalable nicotine products

      Tobacco Heating System (THS)

      Developed by PMI, this THS electrically heats tobacco via either inductive or resistive heating.

      Inhalable nicotine products

      MESH vaping system (MVS)

      Developed by PMI, this e-cigarette’s heating technology improves upon traditional wick and coil designs.

      Inhalable nicotine products

      Nicotine salts product (NSP)

      Developed by PMI, NSP delivers nicotine through a mechanical process in the form of a powder containing nicotine salts.

      Inhalable nicotine products

      Pin-based heating system (PHS)

      Developed by KT&G, PHS electrically heats the tobacco using either inductive or resistive heating.

      Inhalable nicotine products

      Aerosol heating system (AHS)

      Developed by KT&G, AHS combines elements of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products into a single hybrid system.


      Oral pouches

      No one product will address all adult smokers’ or nicotine users’ individual preferences. A range of alternatives is key to helping adult smokers who don’t quit to move away from cigarettes. Instead of producing an aerosol that is inhaled, these products are placed under the lip so that nicotine can be absorbed via the mouth. Our non-inhalable products include oral tobacco products, and oral nicotine products.


      See why smoke-free products could help phase out cigarettes

      To end cigarettes and make an impact on public health, adult smokers who don’t quit need access to better products that work for them. And no two people are the same. This is why we have developed a range of smoke-free products.


      Follow the research on our smoke-free products

      Rigorous, robust, and transparent science is at the core of the development and assessment of our smoke-free products.

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