We have a vision of replacing cigarettes with scientifically substantiated better products for adult smokers who don’t quit.

      Quitting tobacco and nicotine altogether is always the best choice for any smoker. However, we know that most smokers continue to smoke.

      To achieve our vision, we have developed smoke-free products that either eliminate the burning of tobacco or do not use tobacco at all. In the absence of combustion, the levels of harmful chemicals in the generated aerosols are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke.  

      We recognize that no single product will be acceptable to all adult smokers in order to fully switch. Therefore, our approach is to provide a wide range of smoke-free alternatives, so that adults who would otherwise continue to smoke can find a suitable alternative that allows them to fully switch.

      Inhalable tobacco-based products

      Heated Tobacco Products

      Our heated tobacco products (HTPs), also known as heat-not-burn products, heat the tobacco to release a nicotine-containing tobacco aerosol but without burning the tobacco.

      The THS electrically heats tobacco using either inductive or resistive heating.

      BONDS, the latest all-in-one HTP, heats tobacco using resistive external heating, but with no blade.

      inhalable nicotine-based products

      E-vapor products

      Our e-vapor products are battery-powered devices, commonly known as e-cigarettes, that vaporize a liquid solution containing nicotine and flavors.

      The MVS's heating technology improves upon traditional wick and coil e-cigarette designs and ensures the consistency and quality of the generated aerosol.

      Our all-in-one single-use e-vapor device requires no charging, no cleaning, and no refilling.

      non-inhalable nicotine-based products

      Oral nicotine pouches

      Nicotine pouches do not burn tobacco and create no aerosol or smoke at all. They should be placed between the gum and upper lip.

      Our oral nicotine pouches contain a powder consisting of nicotine and other ingredients. 

      Inhalable nicotine-based products

      Other smoke-free products

      This novel nicotine-based electronics-free product consists of two parts: a consumable that contains a highly soluble encapsulated nicotine powder, and a nonelectronic device that activates it.

      The NSP delivers nicotine through a mechanical process in the form of a powder containing nicotine salts.


      See why smoke-free products could help phase out cigarettes

      To end cigarettes and make an impact on public health, adult smokers who don’t quit need access to better products that work for them. And no two people are the same. This is why we have developed a range of smoke-free products.


      Follow the research on our smoke-free products

      Rigorous, robust, and transparent science is at the core of the development and assessment of our smoke-free products.

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      We at Philip Morris International have committed to replacing cigarettes with better alternatives as rapidly as possible for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke. In this era of social distancing and online conferences, we’ve created this space to share our scientific results openly with the scientific community.

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