Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) Program

      Philip Morris International (PMI) has dedicated significant resources to the development and scientific assessment of Reduced Risk Products (RRPs) with the ambition of providing adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke with less harmful alternatives to cigarettes.

      Updated: 14 June 2022

      Our research program is inspired by the practices of the pharmaceutical industry and includes research on product development, methods to substantiate risk reduction and ways to assess the impact on population harm. We believe it is important to share our data to facilitate and encourage independent verification of methodologies and findings.

      PMI accepts proposals under an Investigator Initiated Studies program, to support external scientists to advance and verify RRP science. Check the list of supported studies.

      Those interested in submitting a proposal to the program should first read the guidelines and the terms and conditions of the program. Then they can download the IIS concept proposal submission template for the first step of the application process, and email their submissions to


      New study on effects of switching on heart disease selected for grant through IIS program

      Since re-opening in December 2021, the IIS program has received several proposals from researchers. Among the latest set of proposals, an additional researcher has been selected to receive a grant through this program. The title of the study is “Effects of switching from cigarettes to Tobacco Heating System on coronary atherosclerosis progression in patients with stable coronary artery disease (SWITCH)”.

      The study will explore the impact of switching to the Tobacco Heating System (THS) compared to continued smoking on coronary atherosclerosis progression in smokers for 18 months. Specifically, study researchers will follow smokers with stable chronic coronary artery disease. Study researchers will perform coronary computed tomography (CT) angiograms, a non-invasive way to measure both non-calcified and calcified coronary plaque. 

      Through efforts like the IIS program, PMI has scientifically collaborated with more than 20 researchers worldwide, generating the same number of scientific publications. We continue to accept applications to support clinical interventional and observational studies, real-world evidence, toxicology studies of PMI’s commercialized smoke-free products, and others. Learn more about IIS supported studies. Interested researchers should submit their study proposal according to the instructions above.

      IIS Program

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      You can check out the list of supported Investigator Initiated Studies, and learn more about the program reopening.