Welcome to PMI Science

      A letter from our Chief Life Sciences Officer


      Welcome to PMIScience.com

      More than a decade ago, Philip Morris International (PMI) set itself the goal to re-focus its business and develop products for adult smokers who don’t quit that have the potential to reduce the risk of smoking-related diseases compared to continued cigarette smoking while in parallel phasing out cigarettes. Science and technology are at the core and key enablers for this ambition:

      • Technology, because it allows us to develop and bring to market innovative products that are acceptable to current adult smokers and enable full switching away from cigarettes.
      • Science, because it will be the scientific data that will provide substantiation that a product is actually a less harmful alternative to smoking and by how much such a product will reduce the risk and harms of smoking-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease or chronic pulmonary obstructive disease.

      Clearly, the best choice a smoker can make for their health is to quit tobacco and nicotine altogether and for people who don’t use nicotine and tobacco to never start. But the reality is that most smokers don’t quit. So far, we have demonstrated that our heated tobacco and e-cigarette products significantly reduce the formation and exposure to harmful chemicals as well as the risk of smoking-related diseases in animal models.

      Moving forward, and building on the past decade of experience, capability build up and scientific work, we have started to execute a significant program of biomarker, clinical outcome and real-world evidence studies to demonstrate individual clinical and public health benefit of our smoke-free products. As we did in the past, our results will be published on PMIScience.com. This website was built to summarize our scientific work and as a way to share our research that is the foundation of our smoke-free products in addition to publications in peer-reviewed journals. PMIScience.com also showcases our capabilities in aerosol delivery and formulation, preclinical safety, clinical, and real-world data, that are best-in-class in the industry.

      I look forward to continuing to share our journey with you as we put those capabilities to work in new areas, alongside our ongoing work to expand and refine our smoke-free product portfolio.

      We are eager to hear your opinions. You can contact us at pmiscience.com/contact or through our social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.


      Jorge Insuasty