Open Science, November 2023

      Open Science: You Ask, We Answer

      There is no shortage of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and misinformation about smoke-free products and their role in tobacco harm reduction. In our 11 previous Open Science events, we’ve shared a wealth of information with the aim to bring clarity to the topic. In our November 2023 event, we invited viewers to ask their questions directly to our experts on LinkedIn®.

      Previously, on Open Science…

      To get the conversation started, we gathered the best highlights from previous Open Science events and aired them in a LinkedIn® live event. The video included answers to questions that we have already discussed in detail, such as the fact that no combustion happens in any of our smoke-free products and that they do not produce smoke.


      PMI hosted an extended Open Science Q&A on LinkedIn®

      The heart of the event took place in the LinkedIn®  comments section, where we invited our viewers to ask their questions and to fact-check the misinformation that exists around smoke-free products. Our experts were available during the live event to answer questions directly, with our experts continuing to answer your questions over the following days.