Gizelle Baker

      Dr. Gizelle Baker

      PhD in Biometry and Epidemiology

      Vice President Global Scientific Engagement

      Gizelle Baker is Vice President of Global Scientific Engagement leading the team in communicating Philip Morris International's science towards a smoke-free future.

      Originally from Canada, Gizelle pursued her passion for science and public health at the Medical University of South Carolina in the USA – where she obtained a PhD in Biometry and Epidemiology. Before joining PMI, Gizelle held several leadership positions at Pfizer, including Vice President of Medical Affairs for Emerging Markets and Senior Director of Worldwide Medical Operations. 

      Now at PMI, Gizelle is responsible for the scientific engagement strategy and ensures the company's scientific communications are accurate, transparent, and always based on the latest evidence. Gizelle is a key figure in the  tobacco harm reduction movement and a talented public speaker who also uses her platform to promote women in leadership. As she steers her teams to inform all corners of the world on PMI's science, she builds bridges between academia, stakeholders, policy makers, and the public. As Vice President of the Scientific Engagement department, Gizelle is inspired by her team every day.

      To put it in her own words:

      "I can come up with a hundred solutions to a problem, but when people carve their own route to their goals it will lead to all of our success. That's what I love to see."

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