Markus Nordlund

      Dr. Markus Nordlund

      PhD in Fluid Mechanics, MSc in Engineering Physics

      Global Head Combustion and Product Science

      Markus Nordlund holds an MSc in Engineering Physics and a PhD in Fluid Mechanics from Luleå University of Technology in Sweden. 

      Since 2008, Markus has held various positions at Philip Morris International, where he has used his expertise in aerosol physics, thermochemistry, combustion science, and computational modeling in the development, assessment, research, and communications of PMI’s smoke-free products. After having lead PMI’s Scientific & Medical Affairs activities, Markus is currently representing Life Sciences in numerous global strategic initiatives related to PMI’s smoke-free products. 

      He has 19 years of experience in fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, aerosol and combustion science, and computational modeling, and has published numerous articles in international scientific journals.

      Latest Publications