Cassia Boyadjan

      Dr. Cassia Boyadjian

      PhD in Catalytic Materials, Master’s in Chemical Process Technology

      Senior Scientist – Material Research

      Cassia works at the PMI Science R&D Center in Armenia as Senior Scientist of Material Research in the RRP System Innovation team. The objective of this team is to push forward innovative research ideas and product concepts. Together with her colleagues, Cassia sets up research collaborations with institutions inside and outside Armenia on performing early research on the development of materials for existing and/or future products.

      Cassia obtained her BSc and MSc degrees in Chemical Process Technology from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan, and University of Twente, the Netherlands, respectively. From the University of Twente, she also earned her Professional doctor in Engineering (PDEng) and Doctorate (PhD) degree. Her research interests are the development of sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

      Before joining PMI, Cassia worked at a multinational chemical producer company as a Research Scientist of Petrochemical Catalysts and later as a Process Engineer. Additionally, in 2014, she joined the American University of Beirut as an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering.