Platform 2 is a heated tobacco product that does not involve combustion of tobacco. The heat is provided by a pressed carbon tip heat source located at the tip of the product. The temperature of the tobacco is controlled by the design of the product, which physically separates the heat source from the tobacco.

In order to use it, the carbon-tip is simply lit with a standard match or lighter. Once lit, heat is transferred from the carbon tip to the tobacco. The distance between the carbon tip and the tobacco, along with other proprietary design features, results in the temperature of the tobacco never exceeding 350 °C.

The aerosol generated is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

After use, the product needs to be extinguished and discarded.

PMI conducted a consumer test of its Platform 2 TEEPS carbon tip product in the last quarter of 2021. As a result of the feedback from this consumer test, the design of the company's current Platform 2 technology has been discontinued. 

Unlike Platform 1, Platform 2 does not rely on electronics to operate and to control the temperature of the tobacco.