Facts & figures

      Facts and figures on our smoke-free future

      See the evidence of our transition toward a smoke-free future: read these key facts and figures.


      Philip Morris International’s value creation model describes what we do and how we allocate our resources to deliver long-term value for both our company and our stakeholders. In 2016, we announced our vision of a smoke-free future and our ambition to accelerate the end of smoking. To achieve this, we are working to replace cigarettes with less harmful tobacco and nicotine products for the benefit of adults who would otherwise continue to smoke. 


      These facts and figures were most recently updated in April 2024. You can read our latest Integrated Report to learn more about some of these key facts and figures, as well as other performance metrics.

      * Data includes employees of Swedish Match and Vectura Fertin Pharma.

      ** Investments reflect research, product and commercial development, production capacity, scientific substantiation, and studies on adult smoker understanding. Figure does not include Swedish Match and Vectura Fertin Pharma.

      *** IP5 jurisdictions are Europe (patents granted by the European Patent Office), China, South Korea, Japan, and the U.S.


      See the facts for yourself

      We've created a timeline of events showing some of our biggest milestones in our journey to build a smoke-free future.